The Twelve Pack: Alex Boyd

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Name: Alexander William Boyd

Age: 22

Local Trails: Vinewood

Hook Ups: Deluxe, Crucial BMX Shop, Duo, DIG FOUR VICTORY

1. What were the first trails you ever went to?

I guess the first legit trails I went to were Shipham, but before that it was this wild place called Kingswood. It was essentially a big ass hill into this 15ft lip, 3ft long table top. You HAULED ASS down this hill and somehow got about 2ft tops out of the mega booter hahah. Round a berm, pedal pedal, and then hit the flyout! One hander combos for days… but back to Shipham. I’m prolly gonna get some hate for this but ahwell. The first time I went, halfway through the 10 mile ride up there, it started pissing down with rain. By the time we arrived I was soaked to the bone but stoked nonetheless. As we made our way down this sketchy thornbush ridden path past what I can only describe as a crack den and into a clearing, there they were; Shipham trails. To me, Shipham was like Posh to you. A sketchy 8 pack mainly dug into the floor, tight bowls, which due to the downpours were obviously full. Using some wood and some buckets we scooped out enough to ride, and with the latest Maxx Daddy technology we shredded. Pretty much wheelspinning down the rollin. I have no idea how we didn’t eat shit, but I was hooked from then on in.

2. Wood or fiberglass?

Both, we use these rad chrome headed wooden handle shovels from Lidl. A tenner they are bare bargs! I normally use a Fiskars like 80% of the time. All the American dudes laugh at our short spades and cavemen tools haha, but they are best spades I’ve ever used, ergo handle, good shaped head (thats what she said), and strong as hell. My last one went for 3 years maybe more. If in doubt, give it a clout.

3. Bail out or go down with the ship?

Usually I go down with the ship, which always sucks, but if I think its getting hairy it’s a deploy! I suck at jumping through the bars so I launch my steed to the side to the fear of any unfortunate bystanders haha. I’m a bit more cautious and less gung-ho since snapping my ACL, but I still go off the “if I get this jump sweet I’ll do the next one” rule.

4. Most embarrassing bike or part owned?

When I was younger I used to wash dishes so bike parts if they broke were whatever I could get my hands on. I bought this rad Schwinn off Ebay, red it was, I thought it looked the tits but seriously overlooked one thing. When I rode it, I discovered it had a pedal back brake. Awesome! NAAAAAT. I tried riding it, I really did but when I went to send a jump at the track I’d just do a mega skid hahah. So I went to the local shop and all I could afford was a 16 inch luminous yellow wheel with the gnarliest tyre on it. I’m pretty sure it had a crazy gear ratio like 44-10 or something! Regardless, I rode it everywhere, including many trips riding 8 miles to the train station, 20 minute train journey, and then another 7 miles to the sandy jumps in the next town over.

5. Scariest section you’ve ridden?

Oooooh this is hard. I’d have to say backline at Barend. Scary because it’s awesome, it’s just full throttle shit-your-pants the whole way down. I love every single run! I said to Gavros we should get a crew together and bring it back from the dead.

6. How many 360s do you think Chris Doyle has done in his life?

It’s a well known fact; every time Chris Doyle does a 360 tabe, a scooter kid sees the light and picks up a bmx.

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