The Twelve Pack: Blaine Mazzetti

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Name: Blaine Mazzetti

Age: 25

Local Trails: My backyard setup and Shawn Shimkets yard (North County San Diego)

Hook Ups: None, other than my wife’s family for letting us use their land for the trails and run up their water bill outrageously high every month.

1. Who would you want to have digging with you if you had to start a new set of trails?

Obviously my local crew: Shawn Shimkets, Braden Banfer, and Adam Watkins, these guys all bust ass and move some dirt! If I had to start fresh with a new spot and crew, well I’d have to go with the Hazelwood crew or the Eastside guys, if you’ve been to either spot you’ll know why. These guys move some serious dirt and build some rad jumps.

2. Are your dreads buried somewhere at your trails?

The lady who cut my hair was fascinated with the dreads so I left them with her and never looked back. I guess that’s a no, they are not buried at the trails.

3. East Coast or West Coast?

I love the trail scene on the East Coast, but the weather is such shit, I don’t know if I could handle it. It seems that the weather over there has been ruining trail season the last few years and in San Diego we’re able to ride all year long, it’s the lack of rain that gets us over here. But, sunny and 79 degrees through winter, you cant beat that. The only other best option would be Austin, but thats in the middle so I can’t say that place has a coast to be a part of. I think I just made a long and rambling answer instead of just saying, “West Coast”.

4. Most embarrassing bike or part owned?

I had a gold Nirve Dig (I believe was a Stephen Murray signature bike) anyways it must have weighed fifty pounds and at that time I must have been a mere 95 lbs myself. It was one of those moments when at first you’re really proud until you realize having a “complete bike” tells everyone you’re a rookie. I also got a 44t FBM sprocket with bash guard as a gift when I was in high school that made me a little embarrassed. FBM is awesome and makes good stuff, but I’ve never had a peg on my bike and the people I rode with always asked why the guard was there and what I used it for. I did not have an answer and I never used it, yet it was on my bike, quite embarrassing.

5. Weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at a set of trails?

Since you’ve been to my spot you know the owner John and how crazy and hilarious he is, he makes some days really interesting at the trails. He has went into a ditch at the bottom of the hill on his quad “Don Pepe” and OTB (completely hammered of course). He gets boozed up and will hit golf balls at us while we ride or dig. Every new person who comes to the trails he yells at them “who the fuck are you?” gets people a little nervous sometimes. He will randomly tell people (jokingly, but they don’t know that) to “get the fuck off my property” pretty funny actually. The best and most hilarious days are when he and Adam Watkins get drunk together and go on political rants, it ends with John running around the house screaming “wake up white people” and Adam feeding the fire with lewd comments and giving him more beers. The whole experience with this guy owning the land the trails are on has been a unique and weird experience. It has been rad and we are really thankful they let us do this on their private property. Now we need to get more people to have the John Smith experience. Oh and John is my father-in-law if there was any confusion on who this drunk crazy man was. So come to the trails and see how weird it is!

6. How many 360s do you think Chris Doyle has done in his life?

I would say a lot more than any other rider out there. Chris has some of the best 360 combos ever and is probably the nicest guy to ever ride a bike. It is amazing to ride with him and to watch him ride. We’ve all seen the three inverts and turndowns, but in person your jaw will drop, guaranteed.