The Twelve Pack: Ron White

bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Name: Ron White

Age: 30

Local Trails: Whatever spot that’s down to let me stop by. Life is crazy busy.

Hook Ups: Train Hard Clothing

1. What were the first trails you ever went to?

We always had jumps and some knuckleheads in the next town over had what they thought were trails. It wasn’t until I met The Heathens and went to their original spot deemed Helltrack.

2. Wood or fiberglass?

No preference really. I have used both and not really had much of a difference. Maybe wood for a flat head and fiberglass for a spade.

3. Bail out or go down with the ship?

BAIL OUT! I like to throw it away from me as far as possible. Landing with it or on it SUCKS!

4. Most embarrassing bike or part owned?

Primo Casket stem. Man I thought that thing was awesome.

5. Scariest section you’ve ridden?

Successfully – Offset to Science at The Potoczny homestead.

Unsuccessfully – My only attempt at a run at Hazlewood. Those jumps are for men.

6. How many 360s do you think Chris Doyle has done in his life?

Nowhere near as many barspins as Nyquist!


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