The Twelve Pack: Ryan Popple

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Name: Ryan Popple

Age: Old enuf to party

Local Trails: H-wood

Hook Ups: Vinyl, Verde

1. What were the first trails you ever went to?

We always had “jumps” once my brother and I started racing, but they where mostly a couple jumps in a row then pedal to a show time “trick” set. The first real set of trails I went to where “401” in Raleigh NC. The local pro racer/jumper at the time Jason Sherrill brought us with him on a little trip. It was also my first real bmx road trip. After a quick three hour drive we where deep in the pine forest woods where all the the big time pro’s of that time rode. I recall being pretty scared because those where the biggest trails I had ever rode up to that point. We eventually made it through both lines and even did a few trains with David Stroud and Ryan Barrett! Even then I (and still do) found it strange that they had a box jump and wooden berm out their, hahaha. Once we got home we instantly started making ours bigger and better. It was an eye opening trip, and really got us siked on trails and traveling. Years later my buddy Josh Summey and I went to Catty and Minersville for the first time, and I was blown away on how well built and meticulously stacked and shaped everything was. That trip was also really memorable and showed that trails are more than just piles of dirt with a groove in the middle, they can be a true art form.

2. Wood or fiberglass?


3. Bail out or go down with the ship?

The last time I had to bail I had poor technique and ended up with a torn ACL. For the most part I hold on for a heavy case, but if you’re going to rack headtube or are doomed as soon as you leave the lip the bail must been done. Pitch it and try for a graceful baseball slide.

4. Most embarrassing bike or part owned?

I once ran an Eastern Grim Reaper. I also had one of those tiny junior race seats when they were in.

5. Scariest section you’ve ridden?

Talladega at ours or Speedball at Eastside. See answer above for the outcome of Speedball.

6. How many 360s do you think Chris Doyle has done in his life?

Thats a rubik’s cube of a mathematic equation that would take a mad scientist to solve.

Thanks to Brian Yeagle for the photo!

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