The Wheel Mill’s “Woods Jump Room” Time Lapse & Photo Gallery

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It’s rough being a trails rider on the East Coast when winter rolls in. A lot of digging gets done when the ground isn’t frozen solid, but riding definitely takes a hit. The Wheel Mill is the latest park to undertake the challenge of giving trails riders a place to ride during the winter, and they brought in a handful of Pittsburgh’s best riders to get it done. I’ve been getting more and more excited as I’ve watched the building progress. The park isn’t open quite yet but the builders have been able to sample the fruits of their labor. Tom Arkus put together a time lapse video of the building of what has been dubbed “The Woods Jump Room” and Brian Yeagle shot some great pictures of it being “tested”. Hit the jump button to check out the time lapse video and the gallery!

All photos by Brian Yeagle except the ones of him riding, Tom Arkus shot those.