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When I woke up this morning this is what was all over my Facebook. Lake Ridge is a suburb of D.C. that’s located about 25 miles south of the city. BMX actually has a pretty rich history in Lake Ridge as that’s where both incarnations of the Capital Trails were located. Riders from all over the country used to converge there to ride the trails that Robbie Miranda and the crew of riders coming up under him built. Check out my very first post if you want to know more about it. Anyway, Capital has been gone for well over a decade now, and the original crew is dispersed throughout the country. I want to say the original site of Capital was plowed around 1998, and the field then sat empty for quite a few years. Slowly a younger generation of riders crept back into the field and jumps once again started to pop up. They lasted a pretty good while but were plowed again to make way for a 7-11. I’ve heard of a few little spots popping up since, and I’m guessing the spot in this picture is one of them.

We all know that building trails is risky. Unless you get lucky and find a legal place to build them then the risk of them getting plowed is always looming overhead. Hell we lost Tuttle’s trails this week and they were on his own property. Yet we still build despite the risk of having countless hours of hard work be taken away in an instant.

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t hear someone complain about how lazy this generation of kids are. I know I say it all the time! For the most part kids today are lazy, overweight, and unmotivated fucks who’s only body parts that ever see any exercise are their mouths and thumbs. The ones that do get out there and get off of there asses are still pretty damn lazy and would much rather have mommy drop them off at a skatepark than actually work to have fun.

I always get stoked on the rare occasion I come across some kids that are willing to put in the work to build trails or anything for that matter. The idea of a reward being offered for the arrest and conviction of some kids building some jumps is absolutely ridiculous to me. First off, somehow in these economic times where every government agency is crying about money this one can justify spending it on a reward for kids building jumps. Second, they want to take some kids who have come together and worked to create their own version of fun and put them into the criminal justice system. They aren’t out selling drugs or robbing people, they are building jumps in the woods! It makes complete sense for them to have a criminal record for that right?

Anyway, judging by the comments that this LRPRA Recreation Department Facebook post has gotten it seems like the Lake Ridge community thinks this is pretty ridiculous as well. Check out the post and feel free to leave your own comments, and if your feeling really ballsy you can let Officer Lunders know directly. I certainly think it’s fair to say that this is doo doo baby!

Update: When I looked last night the LRPRA post had received over 600 outraged comments. At some point they removed the post from the main page of the FB, but it was still visible in their pictures. This morning they removed that picture as well. So rather than addressing the overwhelming public response to their post they chose to delete it. Though the post is gone you can still let them know what you think by leaving a comment directly on their Facebook page. Scratch that! They disabled the ability to leave comments on their page. The only way to leave anything on their page now is to either write a recommendation or leave a comment on another post.  You can also call them directly at (703)491-2154. If you do decide to call be polite when you talk to them. Just let them know your stance on the issue and that the kids they are after have your support.

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