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Tool Review: Fiskars IsoCore 5 lb Pick

Consider yourself very lucky if the only thing digging at your spot entails is sticking a shovel into the earth and having it come up with a heaping scoop of dirt. Unfortunately for us, a heavy session with a pick is absolutely mandatory to break up our rock hard clay before we even think about digging it. Over the last seven years we’ve been through over half a dozen different picks/mattocks from a variety of different manufacturers. Though they’ve all been slightly different, there’s one thing that they’ve all had in common. They’ve been absolutely brutal on our bodies, especially our hands. The shock of striking our hard ground travels right up through the handle, and at the end of the day leaves you feeling like you went a round or two with Mike Tyson, but instead of having boxing gloves on, someone strapped angry woodpeckers to your hands with their beaks pointed straight toward your palms. I had all but accepted that was just the way it was when it came to using a pick at our spot, that was until the Fiskars IsoCore™ 5 lb pick showed up!



The first thing I noticed when I picked (no pun intended) it up was how the 36″ ergonomic handle was textured, grippy and also flared at the end to prevent the thing from sliding out of your hands. The second thing was that Fiskars had taken an extra step to secure the head, in the way of a giant rivet attaching it to the handle. Things looked good so far, but would it live up to their claims of 2x less shock being transferred through the handle as compared to other picks? Being as we’re huge fans of Fiskars products around here, I was certainly hoping so. Well, I’m happy to report that it indeed did live up to their claims. So much so that we all but refuse to use any of our other picks.

– The IsoCore™ handle lives up to Fiskars’ claims and very noticeably reduces the amount of shock that gets transferred to the user.

– The mattock end has a flatter profile to it that really helps it get into the dirt. I feel like a lot of manufacturers give them too much of a curl and that significantly reduces how effective they are.

– After going through a full digging season, the riveted head hasn’t budged one bit.

– The soft textured ergonomic handle and flared end keeps the pick firmly in place in your hands.

– At just over $50, it is a bit pricey. You do get what you pay for though!

– They only offer a 5 lb version. I would love if they came out with a 7 or 8 lb version for a little extra oomph to loosen up the really hard stuff!

If your soil requires you to break it up first before you dig, by all means consider adding one of these to your tool collection. Trust me, it’s worth the extra money and your body and hands will thank you!

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