Tool Review: Razor-Back Fiberglass Handle Transfer Shovel

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The other day I was walking through Home Depot picking up some stuff for the house when I just so happened to look down the tool isle. We currently have five times more shovels than people to use them, so I really wasn’t planning on doing any tool shopping. That was until something caught my eye. Nowhere in site were the red Husky fiberglass shovels that I’ve become accustomed to seeing. Instead they had been replaced with shovels from a brand called Razor-Back. At first glance I thought it was just a rebranding of the Husky shovels that they used to carry, but upon closer inspection I found that there was one change beyond just the aesthetics. Unfortunately it wasn’t a change for the better!

Had I actually purchased it, it would have been from Home Depot

$25.97 plus tax

So this is a new one for us. A review where I haven’t actually used the tool. It’s virtually the exact same as the Husky shovel that came before it and that I reviewed last year. I’ve used those religiously for the past year and a half, so I can assume that this will hold up the same. There is one major difference between this and the Husky transfer shovel though. They got rid of the large step! That was one of my favorite features of the Husky shovel, and I have no idea why you would get rid of it when making a successor. My initial thoughts were that they thought that it didn’t need a large step since it is a transfer shovel. Face it, most people don’t actually dig with these things the way we do. That theory kind of doesn’t make sense though, since the step actually enables the shovel to hold more of whatever you are moving. The only other thing I can come up with is that they were able to reduce their manufacturing cost by reducing the amount of metal the step used. Sadly that is probably the real reason.

It has the exact same rugged build that the Husky transfer shovel did. I dug for an entire season with one of those things before it finally gave out. This also has the same lifetime warranty, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it replaced if it does shit the bed.

The step, or should I say lack there of. The puny little step that’s on this is very similar if not exactly the same as the one that’s on those abysmal green Ames shovels. It’s like stepping down on a razor blade. Be prepared for some arch pain if you really step down on it to dig into something.

I have no plans of buying one of these things. I’m actually going to hit up some other local Home Depots in hopes that they still have a few of the Husky shovels left over that I can stock up on. If not, then I guess I’ll be on a quest to find a new flat to takes its place.