The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2014

About this time last year I sat down and compiled a list of The Top 10 Trails Web Edits of 2013 (according to me). It wasn’t easy to whittle all of 2013’s edits down to just ten but I was happy with the final list. A few weeks ago I decided that I would keep the tradition alive and put together a list of 2014’s 10 best trails edits. This year was way tougher than last year! It really wasn’t too bad narrowing down a years worth of edits to just ten. A rainy evening, a few good beers and I was able to knock that out in just a couple of hours. What kicked my ass was putting those ten into any kind of order. Rather than putting that list out right away, I decided to marinate on it a bit and take a week to think the list over and make revisions as I felt necessary. So here we are today and I’m ready to present you “MY” list of the 10 best trails edits to drop in 2014. Feel free to agree, disagree, tell me I’m retarded, or whatever else in the comments. Hit the jump button for my picks!

10. Woodyard 2014
Woodyard popped up in so many edits this year but it seems fitting that the one from the man whose edits introduced me to Woodyard in the first place was the one that stood tall above the rest. This year Dave King added a drone to his arsenal of camera equipment and it lent itself very nicely toward capturing some of the action in this edit.


9. Deluxe – Woodlanders
Deluxe‘s team is comprised of some of the baddest trail slayers in the land. Let them warm up at Jeremy Ball’s trails in Michigan and then cart them off to some the most finely crafted dirt mounds PA has to offer and you’re bound to come out with something amazing!


8. Chris Harti 2014
Here’s one that had a lot of people talking. This edit by Raine Turnbull is comprised of Chris riding just one line at his trails, but what a line it is. There was something about the music in this edit and the way it was put together that drove me crazy trying to figure out what it reminded me of. Finally it hit me, the video for Chris Issac’s “Wicked Game.” Not only is the song used and look of Harti’s edit reminiscent of it, but it actually sinks up perfectly if you mute it and put on Wicked Game. Seriously, do that shit! It’s both hilarious and amazing!


7. Trailife- Dirt Waves All Day
The teaser for Trailife‘s Dirt Waves All Day ended up being number three on my list last year so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the actual edit made it onto this year’s list. Awesome dudes, awesome spots, and a unique vibe!


6. A Day in the Life of The PMP Trails
The PMP Trails exude an almost mysterious aura that gets me excited anytime footage or pictures of them surface. This Red Bull edit gave us quite possibly the best look at this New Zealand spot to date, and unlike some energy drink fueled edits it came out very tasteful. Take some thoughts from Dolecki, mix in a brief history lesson from the locals, finish it off with some riding, and what you get is an edit that is not just a great watch for us trail dudes, but one that does a great job of showing people outside of our scene the spirit and dedication that we have towards creating our version of fun.


5. Premier – Freddie Househam 2014
Freddie Househam is a badass, plain and simple! His Premier Store edit loaded with footage from Epsom and HLC did an excellent job of capturing that, and the soundtrack complimented his riding oh so well!


4. Credence Crew – Speedball
Coming in at under a minute, this edit by Brian Barnhart featured the dymanic duo of Clint and Matty ROASTING one of the most infamous trail sections of all time. In just 53 seconds this one had me wanting to pack up and hightail it to Austin to get a Speedball fix.


3. Robbo – Shape shifting at Villij
Now we’re down to the crème de la crème! Crackin’ the top 3 is this is psychedelic Bicycle Union edit featuring Robo at Villij doing what he does best. Tom Cambridge killed it with this one! Even with a hefty minute and thirty second long intro it still managed to be one of my favorites.


2. Mutiny – Catasauqua
Here’s where things got really tough! I went back an forth on these last two picks quite a few times before finally settling in on them. Mutiny‘s Catasauqua edit was such a departure from any normalcy amongst trail edits. Back in late September Mutiny sent Robbo, Matt Roe, Andy Martinez, and filmer Rich Forne to the trails mecca that is Catty Woods with the task of filming an edit to close out their film projects for the year. With a crew like that it was a no-brainer that the riding footage would be on point. It’s how Rich gathered that footage and what he did with it that are what truly set things apart.


1. United – Aesthetics with Luke Peeters & Ryan Lloyd
United‘s Aesthetics video is definitely the most visually stunning edit of 2014. Luke Peeters and Ryan Lloyd’s riding in it is more akin to water flowing than bicycle riding. Combine that with a backdrop that can only be found in New Zealand, jumps so perfectly manicured that you’d swear they used some sort of laser tool to sculpt them, and a feel good vibe that just makes you really appreciate the feeling of riding trails and you get my pick for the best trails edit of 2014. Do yourself a favor if you haven’t done so already and watch this one on a screen bigger than your computer’s!

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