The Twelve Pack: Anthony Napolitan

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Name: Anthony Napolitan

Age: 28, going on 29 in a month.

Local Trails: Wetlands

Hook Ups: I’m riding for Torque Apparel, Maxxis Tires, SOL Republic, POC Helmets, Ethika, and Profile Racing. My Maxxis and POC relationship is going on 10 years, and Profile is 10+.

Just getting right into it, what happened with Red Bull?

To be honest I can’t even give you guys a good answer because Red Bull still hasn’t been clear with me about why our agreement ended. Back in September I arranged a meeting with them because my 3 year deal was up in 2015. So I just wanted to get the ball rolling with all of that knowing that it takes time to get a new deal lined up and ready to sign before the calendar year starts. So it was their decision.

I image losing them as a sponsor has to have had a pretty significant impact on your plans for 2015. What changes are you going to have to make?

Honestly, it really doesn’t change much. Of course a million different things ran through my mind the first week of knowing, but once I thought about it, I’m still going to be traveling and I’m still going to be having a blast on my bike. The only real change is that I won’t be going on Red Bull specific road trips, which gives me more time at home to ride trails and be with friends and family.

With Dreamline being your brainchild, do you think it will live on without you?

As far as I know, Dreamline is off the table for 2015. I learned that before the event took place in North Carolina in 2014. And I would hope that they would have the decency to bring me back to help run the event if they did decide to bring it back.

I went to last year’s Dreamline, and it blew my mind seeing how much behind the scenes stuff there was that went into putting on an event like that. Any idea as to just how much Red Bull spent making Dreamline a reality?

Surprisingly enough, we made the very first Dreamline happen with virtually nothing compared to what Red Bull spends on their other Signature Series events. After Signature Series got involved it bumped up a significant amount but was still way less than the other events. Out of respect I can’t give you a dollar amount. I will say that I think it’s completely possible to get BMX companies involved as sponsors and restore my concept to its original form before Signature Series got ahold of it. The event is way too good to just see it go away.

Dreamline was a much needed departure from what had become the norm for dirt contest. It was an event that both riders and spectators equally looked forward to. It would be a real shame if Red Bull doesn’t decide to bring it back, and would definitely leave a huge hole to be filled as far as dirt contest go. Have you considered trying to undertake putting on a similar event yourself?

Yeah, I’ve definitely thought about doing a similar event myself. I have a passion for returning my original vision of the event back to the way it was suppose to be.

Ok, enough about Red Bull and Dreamline! Tell us about what’s been going on out at The Wetlands. It seems like you’ve been putting in some serious work out there!

The Wetlands is a funny place. They have been around for almost 10 years and all of the original builders gave up on it a while back. So it’s been a spot where everyone has come together to keep it running. The trails are about 20min from my house and they are actually one of my favorite places to ride. I basically started to visualize how we could spice the place up a bit by adding some new lines to the existing original stuff. So I started getting some of the guys stoked with the ideas and before we knew it, we had a bunch of new lines. As of now we are really just trying to teach kids that’s it’s not cool to ride them when they are bone dry and really just teach them some trail etiquette. Kids these days blow my mind. They think everything is handed to them so they can treat it however they want to when they want to. So setting in a few rules like “no dig, no ride” and making them actually work a little so they can ride. Overall it’s been really great! People are stoked on what we have been doing and all of the new lines have made the trails so much better! There is a lot to be taken from everything out there. Even the original builders have been seeing what we’ve been doing. So now we see them from time to time.

Photo by Brandon Means