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Long time 22″ wheel proponent Shawn Shimkets and recent convert Adam Watkins have jumped into the 22″ market with a new company fittingly dubbed Twenty2BMX. Also fitting is that their first products are two frames designed specifically for riders over 6′ tall. Made in the US by Pedal Driven Cycles, the “Sasquatch” features a 22.5″ top tube and the “Behemoth” measures in with a massive 23.5″ long top tube. These are the biggest 22″ wheeled frames on the market and are intended to give taller riders the room they need while offering handling similar to that of traditional 20″ wheeled frames. One feature definitely worth mentioning is that both of the frames have been built to accommodate tire sizes all the way up to 2.4″ even with the wheel fully slammed. Twenty2BMX just received their first run of frames and they’ve already moved through the majority of them. Head over to their web store sooner rather than later if you want to pick up one before they’re all gone. Shawn is the guru when it comes to all that pertains to 22″ wheeled bikes. Definitely drop him a line at [email protected] with any and all of your 22″ related questions. I’m sure he’ll be glad to answer them, and you may just find yourself joining the ever growing list of people making the jump up to 22″ wheels.