UK BMX Dirt Series

Here’s some interesting news that Ride UK announced yesterday. There’s going to be a four stop dirt series taking place in the UK this summer. The first three stops will be held at existing trails, and the last and final round will be held at Lakefe5t. Being from the US, I’m not familiar with just what Lakefe5t is, but I’m pretty sure I know where they got the idea to replace the “s” with a “5” in the name. Anyway, check out the official announcement below and then hit up the WEBSITE they have set up for all the info and registration details.


A BMX bike was born from the dirt, the reason Bicycle Motor Cross (BMX) exists is thanks to kids emulating their MX heroes on their own push bikes. Building home-made bikes from beach cruisers in 1970s California & digging the dirt to create jumps and tracks, wanting to go fast & get airborne.

The UK BMX Dirt Series aims to put dirt back at the forefront of the world BMX scene by hosting 3 rounds to be held at existing and permanent UK trails. With a laid back jam atmosphere and hand crafted jumps, the riding will take centre stage. The AM contests will offer up and comers a place to shine and get noticed. Pro’s will have a place to show their tricks and prove their consistency.

Creating a series will give a place for dirt riders from all over to gather and watch the best contest riding in the world on British soil. If you want to be part of it get involved and get entered!

Round 1 – Jason Aliano’s Trails (June 18th)

Round 2 -Kye Forte’s Greenacres Jam (July 2nd)

Round 3 – Shrews Trails (TBA)

FinalLakefe5t (TBA)