Update: The Tejano Gate Scandal

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The big meeting about the gate at the Tejano Trails between the diggers, the city, and the public is set for 5pm tomorrow at the trails. Before I go any further, I want to encourage everyone in the Austin area to please be there to show your support. The locals need it, and I’m sure that it would be beyond appreciated.

This whole situation that has arisen around the gate that was put up at the trails can be traced back to one person, Ty Bement. You all unleashed an absolute shitstorm against him in the comments of the original post. I thought it was fucking awesome to see so many people rally behind the trails and speak out about the actions of the person putting them in jeopardy. I was curious though as to Ty’s reasoning for going to the city. I really didn’t expect a response from him when I told him to email me his side of the story, but surprisingly he did respond. According to him he was helping out other adults and kids who were also complaining about the gate limiting their access to the trails. His argument is that this limiting of access is unlawful since the trails are on public land.

My question is this. Why take things to the extreme and get the city involved rather than trying to work it out with the people digging out there? Hell, even if that meant coming to blows, it’s way more honorable than running and snitching to the city. Obviously the dudes digging out there had grown frustrated with things going on and felt the need to protect their work. This isn’t a football field or something that was built and is being maintained by the city. It’s a set of trails, that while may be public, only exist because of the voluntary work of the people out there digging. Do they have the right to protect their work from others who are not respecting it? Legally, I don’t know, but as a person who knows what it takes to build and maintain a set of trails, hell fucking yes they do. Only a person who either doesn’t understand how much work that takes, or one who is so selfish that they don’t care would ever jeopardize a spot by escalating things to the point of getting the city involved. Ty also mentioned in his email that “the trails are only in danger from the local riders that will quote level the place if the city takes the gate down.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that one. If the city removing the gate means that the trails are going to inevitably die a slow death at the tires of idiots riding them dry, not fixing what they blow out, and doing the other stupid shit roaches do, then so be it. The guys digging brought the trails into this world and they have every right to take them out if they see fit. I don’t know if I’d put the effort into leveling the trails myself, but I have certainly had to walk away from more than one set of trails because of situations like that.

I do want to clear up one thing that according to Ty I had wrong in my original post. He says that he wasn’t teaching lessons at Tejano, as it’s too advanced for his students. Whether that is true or not is neither here nor there. He did indeed run crying to the city about the gate that was put up to keep people like him from unfairly taking advantage of other’s hard work. Honestly I hope that it is true though. I’d feel much better for the kids he’s teaching if they were’t being shown that it’s ok to come out to the trails and not give back to the spot that they’re riding.

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