Van Homan Explores the Future of BMX Racing

This is the best video that I’ve seen so far that truly captures just how amazing TRA‘s Double Cross was. Even at Dreamline conversations would inevitably drift into talking about Double Cross. Will it be the future of BMX racing? I highly doubt that because it’s something that’s completely different. BMX racing in its present and past form is a jock sport. Sure you get the occasional Brian Foster or Robbie Miranda who come through and shake things up, but for the most part it’s dominated by dudes who spend more time in the gym than on the bike. The Double Cross track rewarded guys with bike handling skills rather than the gym rats. That point was proven when Chris Doyle took on a guy who is well on his way to the Olympics and the race was neck and neck.

I think what Mike Gentilcore and TRA have created here is a new and exciting form of racing on a BMX bike. Exciting is the key word there! It’s been a long time since I watched a BMX race and was legitimately excited about what was going on. This is what I thought Red Bull’s R.Evolution race was going to be like, and that turned out to just be basically a run of the mill BMX race with slightly bigger jumps. The trail dudes who raced had zero change against the clipped in carbon fiber mounted warriors they were up against.

I think the traditional form of BMX racing will continue on with its tracks built so that five year olds can ride them and dudes out in the parking lot doing sprints. I also think that TRA has just created an entirely different discipline of BMX racing, one that is not only exciting to watch, but one that is just as exciting to participate in. Something tells me that we’ll see a lot more people coming out of the woodwork at next year’s Double Cross ready to strap on a numberplate and bang some bars!