Vans Dirt & Roll Event End Of June

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Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

Vans Dirt & Roll June 28th-29th, 2013 Jicin, Czech Republic. This is going to be a good one, a ton of info and photo gallery of the 2013 course after the jump.

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“We are proud to announce, that Corey Bohan is coming back to Dirt & Roll again. Corey said it clearly last year, that it was a good time and he wants to come again. Here we go, one of the best dirt riders ever will be in the end of June back in Czech Republic.

Other big name and legend undoubtedly, Chris Doyle will attend Dirt & Roll too. It’s his first visit of Czech Republic and great opportunity to see him rides what he loves to ride at most – a trail line. His 360 variations are nothing less than classic.

Matt Priest, Lima Eltham, Patrick Guimez, Max Bimar, Greg van Tulder, Simon Moratz, Dawid Godziek, Bobo Ujvari, Daniel Tuente, Ondra Slez, Dusan Antalik and more, these are only several names on list of riders, who are coming to have a good time at Vans Dirt&Roll. You shouldn’t miss it.

Weather sucked a lot lately in middle Europe, which had an impact on jumps. Nonetheless Tomas Kudrnac and his crew made a good job and line is almost ready. Drop-in, rollers, berm jump, both way hips.. what else may one want.

Jicin is small town about an hour from Prague, there is easy either bus or train connection from downtown of Prague. About accommodation options, there is a tent camping site right next to Dirt&Roll course, or you can choose a hotel in town. If you need help or need to ask any question, contact Paul at [email protected]

Here is a video from last year.

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