Warning MTB Sh*t

I’ve been going back and forth on whether to post this but what the hell. Let’s just ignore that he’s on a mountain bike and admire the trails that he’s built. Most of the time when you see “trails” built by mountain bikers they are janky to say the least. Maybe its because the larger wheels and suspension let them ride stuff that would rattle our brains, maybe they just don’t know any better, but what ever it is the attention to detail when building usually isn’t there. This guy on the other hand has built a spot that I can’t help but admire and would be psyched to go ride. The dude has pretty good style to boot. I can only wonder what he’d look like on a 20.


  1. Nice. But I’m sure they just cleaned up the jumps for the cam haha. Like u said. There big wheels just trash the jumps and leave ruts and it just get annoying.

  2. I don’t know I’ve been following the dude on instagram and he seems pretty legit with his digging. Apparently he’s had to rebuild that spot a few times due to some crazy floods.

  3. wheel size doesn’t matter, people that understand how to build trails understand how to build.

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